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Sponsor a Child in Need: Tyler B.

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from Tyler's mom:


I am writing on behalf of my son Tyler. He is an almost 11 year old who is the joy of our lives.

Tyler was diagnosed at the age of 3 years old with a brain tumor on June 22, 2004. We were told the IF Tyler lived thru the night he would probably not make it through the 12 hour brain surgery the next day. Tyler did. He is such a miracle and has overcome so many obstacles in his young life. Tyler is doing wonderful now, but still has several physical delays and developmental delays as a result of the brain tumor and multiple surgeries.

One of the hardest issues we have is because of Tyler's tumor, he barely sleeps at night. He currently only sleeps about 3-4 hours a night. Because of Tyler's developmental delays it is not safe for him because he does not understand and recognize danger or when something might put him at harms way. It is so hard for us as his parents because we want to make sure he is safe, but due to his age and size, we cannot "contain" him like when he was a toddler. We currently have a dutch door, but that is not a good solution anymore because Tyler is old enough now that he gets out of bed and tries to get the door open. As a mom, I never sleep through the nite because I worry about if he gets out of bed and hurts himself. If he were ever to get out of his room, and we did not know, he would potentially get really hurt. I am up most nights just making sure that he stays in bed and does not get out of his room.

I am writing to Fund It Forward to ask for you assistance on getting Tyler a "Safety Sleeper" bed. As a parent, I would be able to sleep again at night knowing that Tyler would be safe in a bed that he could not get out of. After 7 years of not sleeping it really has taken a toll on me, but also on Tyler. Because he is able to get out of his bed, he does and stays up all night. Due to lack of sleeping, he has trouble concentrating at school and often is ready for bed very early.

December 2011

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