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What We Provide

FUND IT FORWARD will provide medical and adaptive equipment such as:

– Augumentative Communication Devices
– Bath & Feeding Chairs
– Enclosed Beds (such as The Safety Sleeper)
– Sensory Equipment

FUND IT FORWARD will not provide families with:

– Service Animals, as there are other organizations that specialize in the training of these animals.
– Respite care, ABA therapy, or any other therapies such as Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, or
   Occupational Therapy, due to the fact that we cannot pay an individual consultant.
– Dietary, Food and Nutritional Needs such as the purchase of special foods for people on certain diets

If we are not able to gift to you the requested item, we will gladly assist you in providing information about organizations that might be better equipped to help.



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Jaden with his Safety Sleeper

Due to periventricular leucoencephalopathy, Jaden
does not sleep more than a few hours per night.
FUND IT FORWARD helped Jaden's family to get an
enclosed bed to keep him safe.

Enclosed beds such as The Safety SleeperTM
are among the devices funded by our organization.