Start Your Application Process

Who can apply for assistance? How does it work?

FUND IT FORWARD will accept applications from any person who has a diagnosed disability or medical condition and is in need of a medical device or equipment that can enhance the quality of his or her life.

Please be aware of the kind of equipment FUND IT FORWARD is able to supply for your child. If you have questions regarding the type of equipment we cover, please contact our organization.

FUND IT FORWARD operates on a pay it forward model, which means volunteers raise money for future needs.

Families in need of medical or adaptive equipment for their child need to engage in fundraising efforts as part of the application process. Each applicant is reviewed based on a number of criteria which includes fundraising efforts. Successful volunteering efforts determine how many families, like yours, FUND IT FORWARD can assist.


Get started by following these steps:

    Complete the Needs Request Application online.

    Print, sign, and return the Fundraising Agreement (PDF) to FUND IT FORWARD

     Print, sign, and return the Photo Release Form (PDF) to FUND IT FORWARD

    Submit a photo and story of your child for the website via email to the Executive Director.

    Complete a phone interview with the Executive Director.


Upon completion of these steps, and the submission of fundraising monies to FUND IT FORWARD, your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval of your needs request.