Mission and Vision

FUND IT FORWARD's mission is to ease the burdens of families with children with special needs by raising money for adaptive medical equipment not covered by insurance.

Raising a child with special needs can be stressful and expensive without the right resources and financial help.
Insurance and other funding sources often do not cover the expensive equipment needed to make life easier for children with special needs. We help families obtain expensive and adaptive equipment that can dramatically aid a struggling family and child with disabilities.  Some examples of this type of equipment are:

– Augmentative communication devices
– Bath and feeding chairs
– Enclosed beds
– Sensory equipment

FUND IT FORWARD's vision is to build bridges within the vast community by enabling families to reach beyond their own circumstances and into the lives of others to build a community of compassion, empathy, and advocacy.

Families often hold fundraisers on a much smaller scale to help raise money for expensive medical devices not covered by health insurance. By fundraising under FUND IT FORWARD, individuals unite behind a common purpose so the money raised has a greater opportunity to benefit a large community of people with similar circumstances and needs. Volunteers also help to raise community awareness for both our organization and children with various special needs diagnoses.