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Sponsor a Child in Need: Gracie

FUND IT FORWARD received this letter from her mother:

I am trying to raise money to buy another Safety Sleeper for Gracie. The Safety Sleeper has changed our lives for the better.

On August 13th one of the hardest days of our lives occurred... We live in Denham Springs Louisiana and our home went under water! It took rescue crews 4 hrs to even get to us, and the water was waist deep at the time of rescue. The Amite River was rushing through our home! We were rescued and after several days we were able to get back to our home and see the devastation that was left... EVERYTHING was gone!

Our home is nothing but mud. We have no pictures, no food left, no blankets to keep warm and not even a dry towel to wipe away our tears. Now we are struggling to try and build a new life but the safety of our children is most important! Gracie's safety sleeper is extremely damaged, to the point of non-repair. My children have lost everything they have ever known, and my daughter Gracie has lost her safe place! Gracie was diagnosed with Shaken baby syndrome at 3 months old.

She had a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, 5 broken ribs, bleeding behind both eyes and kidneys. She was hurt by her dad and while he got no jail time, she got a life sentence of diapers and wheelchairs. She has the comprehension of a 13 month old and knows no danger. She can easily fall out of a bed and we don't want to risk anymore injuries.

Please help support Gracie getting her Safety Sleeper so she can sleep safely! Anything is much appreciated and will help us in getting another bed for Gracie.

November 2016

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